Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems

May 20th- 23th, 2008 - Carry-le-Rouet, Provence, France

Table of Contents

Topic 1 Knowledge and Awareness: problems and solutions

Anticipative Awareness in a Groupware System
Wolfgang Prinz, Elke Hinrichs, & Irina Kireyev
Pages 5-15
Full text available: Pdf (328KB)

Dynamism and Data Management in Distributed,Collaborative Working Environments
Alexander Kipp, Lutz Schubert, Matthias Assel & Terrence Fernando
Pages 16-22
Full text available: Pdf (238KB)

Enabling biomedical data analysis workflows: the Multi-Knowledge collaborative platform
Michele Amoretti, Francesco Zanichelli & Gianni Conte
Pages 23-34
Full text available: Pdf (197KB)

Finding Synergies: Web 2.0 and Collaboration Support Systems
Carsten Ritterskamp & Michael Prilla
Pages 35-41
Full text available: Pdf (414KB)

Topic 2 Studies of Work / Awareness of Work

‘Colour, it’s just a constant problem’: an examination of practice, infrastructure and workflow in colour printing
David Martin, Jacki O'Neill, Tommaso Colombino, Frederic Roulland & Jutta Willamowski
Pages 44-55
Full text available: Pdf (156KB)

Longstanding Success without Awareness Features: Lessons from a Collaborative Programming Tool
Cristian Bogdan
Pages 56-62
Full text available: Pdf (127KB)

A Study of Digital Note Sharing in Nomadic Groups
Rob Smit, Cristian Bogdan, Chiara Rossitto & Kerstin Severinson Eklundh
Pages 63-74
Full text available: Pdf (1,3MB)

Between casual commitment and cross-media articulation – the faith of the Napkin
Susanne Bødker & Anja Bechmann Petersen
Pages 75-84
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Topic 3 Lightweight collaborative applications

Functions of Social Networking Services
Alexander Richter & Michael Koch
Pages 87-98
Full text available: Pdf (397KB)

Soft peer review. Social software and distributed scientific evaluation
Dario Taraborelli
Pages 99-110
Full text available: Pdf (86KB)

The wiki as an integrative tool in project work
Birgit Rognebakke Krogstie
Pages 111-122
Full text available: Pdf (111KB)

Proliferation in Enterprise Wikis
Hans-Jörg Happel & Marius Treitz
Pages 123-129
Full text available: Pdf (53KB)

Topic 4 Theory and method

Reconsidering Clark’s Theory in CSCW
Nicolas Nova, Mirweis Sangin & Pierre Dillenbourg
Pages 132-143
Full text available: Pdf (283KB)

Online Social Support: Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Approach for Studying and Designing Cooperative Computer-Mediated Solutions
Myriam Lewkowicz, Michel Marcoccia, Hassan Atifi, Aurélien Bénel, Gérald Gaglio, Nadia Gauducheau & Matthieu Tixier
Pages 144-155
Full text available: Pdf (205KB)

From tool to organisation: uses of a collaborative application in a high-tech SME
Ewan Oiry, Amandine Pascal & Robert Tchobanian
Pages 156-164
Full text available: Pdf (61KB)

Personas and scenarios: design tool or a communication device?
Rosa Gudjonsdottir & Sinna Lindquist
Pages 165-176
Full text available: Pdf (2,1MB)

Topic 5 Design for Team creativity

Design issues for supporting collaborative creativity
Thomas Hermann
Pages 179-192
Full text available: Pdf (98KB)

Collective Interaction – Let’s join forces
Peter Gall Krogh & Marianne Graves Petersen
Pages 193-204
Full text available: Pdf (324KB)

Engineering 2.0: Exploring Lightweight Technologies for the Virtual Enterprise
Andreas Larsson, Åsa Ericson, Tobias Larsson & Dave Randall
Pages 205-216
Full text available: Pdf (160KB)

Asynchronous vs. synchronous cooperation in innovative design organization
Thierry Février Quesada & Françoise Darses
Pages 217-228
Full text available: Pdf (7MB)

Topic 6 Metadata, Folksonomy, Ontology

People Tagging & Ontology Maturing: Towards Collaborative Competence Management
Simone Braun & Andreas Schmidt
Pages 231-241
Full text available: Pdf (512KB)

From the crowd to communities: New interfaces for social tagging
Chao Zhou & Aurélien Bénel
Pages 242-249
Full text available: Pdf (1,6MB)

Topic 7 Knowledge sharing in and between Organizations

Towards Regional Clusters: Networking Events, Collaborative Research, and the Business Finder
Tim Reichling, Benjamin Moos, Markus Rohde & Volker Wulf
Pages 253-264
Full text available: Pdf (139KB)

Information Spaces in Large-Scale Organization
Torstein Elias Hjelle
Pages 265-273
Full text available: Pdf (70KB)

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